What is a laser level?

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The laser level is a kind of level instrument which guides the laser beam emitted by the laser device into the telescope tube of the level instrument, so that it can shoot out along the collimation axis direction. There are two types of laser level: special laser level and laser device attached to the level, which can be used for leveling with a leveling ruler equipped with photoelectric receiving target. Compared with the optical level, the laser level has the characteristics of high precision, long line of sight and automatic reading and recording.

The principle of using microprocessor to control the scanning of optical scanner is that the laser is projected onto the optical scanner, and the signal of horizon is collected in real time by using microprocessor and other hardware circuits. After processing, the optical scanner is controlled to scan. Thus, an intelligent laser level meter is designed and manufactured. The laser level produces a laser line that is always parallel to the horizon in real time.

Optical scanner is a kind of low inertia scanner. It selects the optimized and reasonable scanning control model and uses microprocessor to control the optical scanner to realize the beam deflection. That is, the beam can be moved according to the control model or randomly selected to move the beam. This working mode has very strong functions, and has the characteristics of high speed and high precision. This is intelligent optics Scan. In the national economy and military technology, such as laser micro computer, laser scanning eye detector, laser marking machine, large screen art display, infrared forward looking system and other technologies, it has a wide application prospect.

Laser level instrument is a comprehensive instrument integrating optics, mechanics, electronics and computer. The instrument is divided into two parts, one part is the host part, the other part is the projector part; the host part collects the attitude signal or manual signal of the horizon, calculates and processes the signal, and controls the optical scanning system to scan in real time. The projector uses laser system (including semiconductor laser, laser power supply and optical system) and optical scanning system to generate a laser scanning line under the control of the host computer, which is projected in any direction and any position in two-dimensional space, and the scanning line is always parallel to the horizon