Outdoor laser rangefinder, MAKA launches indoor and outdoor measurement "Space Master"

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When it comes to measurement, most people think of tape measures, but with the advancement of technology, measurement tools are no longer as time-consuming and labor-intensive as tape measures, making manpower impossible. A new generation of measuring tools, called laser rangefinders, is also called electronic rulers. It was originally a military product, and was gradually used in professional fields such as engineering, surveying, mapping, and home improvement. Until now, it has begun to spread to ordinary households.

The rangefinder has powerful functions and is favored by users. With the expansion of outdoor measurement demand, the shortcomings of laser measurement in outdoor are gradually exposed. Knowing this objective reality, MAKA Technology is determined to provide solutions for more outdoor measurement users. After a long period of technical tackling, a rangefinder suitable for outdoor measurement finally came into being.